Variety of state funded Arizona health insurance through AHCCCS

Arizona offers a wide variety of state funded Arizona health insurance through AHCCCS or Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. These policies generally fall under Arizona’s Medicaid program and have specific qualifications that must be met to qualify. AHCCCS policies were designed for those who cannot afford health insurance through an individual provider. Also for those who don’t have insurance available through their workplace. If you do not qualify for a policy through AHCCCS then you can always try a private provider. Look into Obama Care for discounted or government supplied insurance plans for yourself and your family.


AHCCCS offers a wide range of Arizona health insurance policies that you and your family may qualify for. All you need to do is fill out the application for the policy of your choice and see if you qualify. Some people may need to go into an AHCCCS location to apply or see if they meet the qualifications for an AHCCCS policy. If you go to the state website you will find plans for both children and adults. Also plans made specifically for American Indians who require insurance coverage for doctors’ appointments and health emergencies. These policies include KidsCare. It covers not only yearly checkups for kids 2 and up, but health wellness visits for children under 2.


There are many qualifications that should be met to qualify for AHCCCS. Arizona health insurance policies, such as income, age, gender, whether you have kids, and in some cases race. You can find an eligibility manual on the website that will help you to properly assess whether or not you qualify for any of the policies through AHCCCS, and you can always call a representative at the AHCCCS office to look into your qualifications if you feel overwhelmed. There are even forms to help you decide eligibility available online as well.

First Steps

Before you purchase or apply for Arizona health insurance through AHCCCS or an individual provider like this, you should check with your current doctor to see what policies or plans they will accept. This not only helps you keep your current doctor, but will ensure that the amount of coverage you apply for will cover routine and emergency visits. Ensuring the health of your family is extremely important. With the health care act requiring insurance coverage, it is wise to look for a policy that not only suits your budget but also ensures you are covered.