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Yao Hui


Yao Hui, male, Han Chinese, born in 1968, is from Weiyuan, Sichuan, member of Communist Party of China, on-job postgraduate and Master of Public Administration and Management. Now, he serves as the member and deputy director general of Party group of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.  

He served as the assistant researcher and deputy director of Propaganda and Education Office of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, deputy director of Duty Room of Beijing Municipal Party Committee General Office, and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Health Committee and Beijing Municipal Health Bureau General Office (department-level); Director of General Office of Technology Department of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and General Office of Venue Management Department, and deputy director of Venue Management Department; Deputy inspector of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.  

He is responsible for the environmental protection supervision and inspection, environmental monitoring and law institution, environmental petition letter and complaints, legal system and administrative affairs, office service management and internal security, and environmental information.

He shares responsibility for the Supervision and Examination Department (Environmental Protection Supervision Department of Beijing Municipal People's Government Supervision and Examination Office), Environmental Supervision Team (Environmental Supervision Department), Department of Legal Institution, Office (Party Group Office), Municipal Environmental Complaint and Report Telephone Counseling Center, Authority Service Center and Municipal Environmental Information Center.

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