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Pollution Prevention and Control Division (Acoustics Environment and Solid Waste Management Division)

Responsible for drafting local legislations and governmental regulations on industry, solid waste, hazardous waste, soil and noise pollution prevention of Beijing, formulating and supervising the implementation of relevant standards, programs and plans; responsible for supervisory management of industrial pollution sources in accordance with the law, and promoting pollution prevention in key section and key enterprise; participating in promoting cleaner production; conducting supervisory management of the generation, collection, storage, transport, utilization, disposal and movement of solid wastes and hazardous wastes in accordance with the law, and undertaking relevant administrative permission work; organizing the application and registry of hazardous wastes, medical wastes and industrial wastes such as electronic wastes and so on; responsible for reviewing and approving the qualification of handling wasted electrical appliances and electronic products, and conducting supervision and inspection on the handling activities; supervising and administering soil pollution prevention; and responsible for the prevention of industrial noise pollution, and coordinating noise pollution prevention of daily life, construction, traffic and so on.

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