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Service Center of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau

Providing the bureau with service guarantee, including event management, office supplies and fixed assets management, water, electricity, natural gas, heating guarantee and maintenance of telephone, greening, security of the bureau’s courtyard, management of public vehicle fleet, meals, family planning, housing reform and security of the bureau system.

Organizational Structure:

Administration Office: Responsible for external liaison, management of CPC and administrative affairs, financial auditing, personnel management, information reporting, education training of the staff, management of collective account of population and collective dormitory, implementing and providing policy guidance on housing reform in the bureau system (the Housing Reform Office of Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is in the Service Center).

Administration and Security Section: Responsible for the security management of the bureau’s courtyard (including the backyard of dependents’ district), daily maintenance of water, electricity, gas, heating and telephone, the greening and beautification of the courtyard as well as the cleaning and sanitation of the front pavements and property engineering management.

Service Section: Responsible for service guarantee such as the procurement and registry of office supplies of the bureau, management of fixed assets, event management, daily cleaning of office and working areas and document printing of the bureau.

Healthcare Section: Responsible for working meals of the employees of the bureau and the affiliated institutions in the bureau’s courtyard, as well as the meals for visitors.

Vehicle Fleet: Responsible for guarantee, management, maintenance and insurance of the bureau’s vehicles, and undertaking the daily management of traffic safety of the bureau.

The Security Office of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is in the Service Center of the bureau, mainly responsible for inspection and supervision on the production safety, food safety, traffic safety and fire prevention of the bureau system.

Contact Information:

Tel. 68476289(Fax.), 68474682

Address: NO. 14 Chegongzhuang Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing

Postcode: 100048

E-mail: jgfwzx@bjepb.gov.cn

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