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Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Communication Center

Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Communication Center is an institutional organization affiliated to Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. Its responsibilities are: actively conducting publicity and education on environmental protection, disseminating environmental scientific knowledge, improving the public awareness on environment, guiding the public participation in environmental protection, promoting regional environmental cooperation and exchanges, and creating a sound environment of public opinions for the environmental protection in Beijing. The main tasks are as follows:

1.Establishing and improving mechanisms of publicity, education and public participation of environmental protection, actively planning and organizing environmental protection activities of public interest, guiding environmental NGOs and volunteers to be involved in environmental protection activities of various kinds, promoting environmental education in the society, universities, high schools and primary schools, and conducting activities of establishing green schools and green communities.

2.With the “Beijing Public Net on Environmental Protection” and various kinds of news media, enhancing the dissemination of environmental protection concepts, information and knowledge, strengthening the guidance of public opinions, and making use of the bridging and bonding role of the government for the communication with the public. Collecting domestic and foreign environmental information, planning and editing popular science readings, brochures and materials of environmental publicity and education.

3.In accordance with the needs of environmental treatment in Beijing, providing, editing and producing films and videos such as information programs, internal reference programs and special topic programs for municipal government and Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau; and cooperating with BTV in producing the program of “Broadcasting of Beijing Air Quality”.

Organizational Structure:
1.Administration Office: in accordance with the intention of the leading group and CPC Branch of the Center, actively conducting administration work and CPC work of various kinds. Responsible for: personnel, labor and salary, finance, secretary, documents, information, archives, official seals, reporting to the superior authority and communicating with employees, supervising and urging the daily administration work;
1.Social Education Department: Focusing on the environmental topics in Beijing, organizing, coordinating and conducting specific environmental activities such as “June 5th” World Environment Day, liaison with and coordinating environmental NGOs, volunteers and environmental organizations of university students to conduct public participation in environmental protection, promoting popular science and education on environmental protection in universities, high schools and primary schools, and establishing green schools and green communities;
2.Information Department: Providing information support to the publicity and education on environmental protection, conducting environmental training, and conducting researches on various topics, managing Beijing Environmental Public Net, editing internal references, popular science readings and publicity materials on environmental protection, organizing and coordinating training of publicity and education cadres in district and county environmental protection bureaus;
3.Films and TV Programs Department: Producing films and video programs for publicity and education on environmental protection. Responsible for the editing and production of programs of “Beijing Air Quality Broadcast”, popular science publicity and education programs on environmental protection, as well as internal reference films and programs, information programs and publicity programs;
4.Security Department: Responsible for the security work, administering vehicles and employees’ dining-room and providing departments of the Center with event management;
5.Guarantee Department: to guarantee the normal operation of the property, facilities and equipment such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, heating, as well as various types of machinery and electrical appliances and equipment, and administering the fixed assets, consumables and office supplies.
Contact Information:
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E-mail: webmaster@bjee.org.cn

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