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Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center (BMEMC)

BMEMC is a national environmental monitoring station of Class A level. It is an institutional agency with the funds completely transferred by Beijing municipal government and affiliated to Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. It accepts the business guidance from China National Environmental Monitoring Station. It is the technical center, network center and data center of environmental monitoring in Beijing area, and also a member institution of the national monitoring network of atmospheric and surface water environment, mainly providing governmental agencies with accurate and reliable monitoring data and information for the enforcement of environmental regulations and standards and conducting all-round environmental management.

BMEMC has perfect quality assurance system. In 1994, Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center became one of the first professional environmental testing institutions with national level measurement authentication and obtained the CMA issued by China State Bureau of Technical Supervision. In 1999 and 2004, the Center passed re-verification and assessment of measurement authentication respectively. It has the capacity of testing 126 items including the environmental elements such as air, water, noise, soil, solid waste and biology and could undertake observational monitoring on environmental quality, supervisory monitoring on pollution sources, emergency monitoring of environmental pollution accidents and monitoring commanding of environmental early warning analysis.


1. Assisting Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in drafting and amending the management regulations on environmental monitoring; establishing environmental monitoring system in the entire city; and participating in formulation of mid and long term programs of environmental monitoring development and environmental monitoring plans of the entire city;

2. Responsible for organizing and implementing the observational monitoring on environmental elements such as atmosphere, water, noise, soil, solid waste, ecology and so on, the supervisory monitoring on pollution sources, emergency monitoring on sudden accidents and environmental investigation; and responsible for technical arbitration on pollution disputes;

3. Responsible for organizing and establishing the environmental monitoring network of the entire city, and administering the qualification of environmental monitoring institutions and the professional qualification of monitoring practitioner; responsible for coordinating the business of the monitoring networks, responsible for providing guidance, technical training and quality management for the business of the environmental monitoring departments in districts and counties;

4. Responsible for the management of environmental monitoring data, conducting comprehensive analysis on environmental quality and periodically releasing environmental quality information to the society;

5. Participating in formulating the report on environmental quality of the city; and supervising the quality of the environmental monitoring service in the entire city;

6. Organizing scientific and technological researches on environmental monitoring and conducting broad range of international cooperation and technical exchanges on environmental monitoring; and

7. Other responsibilities assigned from superior authorities.

Organizational Structure:

There are 139 employees, with 12 section and offices, respectively being: Administration Office, Personnel Section, Financial Section, General Service Section, Scientific Research and Project Management Office, Quality Management Office, Pollution Monitoring Management Office, Monitoring Project Office, Automatic Monitoring Office, Environmental Monitoring Office and Analytical Lab.

Contact Information: Tel. 68413195, Fax. 68481400

Address: NO. 14 Chegongzhuang Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing

Postcode: 100048

E-mail: jczx@bjepb.gov.cn

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