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Beijing Municipal Environmental Supervisory Corps (Environmental Supervision Division)

Responsible for supervision and inspection on the implementation of national and municipal environmental protection laws, regulations, standards and policies (except radiation and vehicles) by the pollution source institutions and individuals in the jurisdiction.

Responsible for organizing registry of pollution discharge application and levy of pollution discharge fee;

Responsible for coordinating the environmental emergency responses of relevant institutions;

Responsible for investigating and addressing the environmental issues reported by the public;

Responsible for guiding and inspecting the environmental supervision work in district and county environmental bureaus;

Responsible for conducting other work assigned from Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

Organization Structure: one office and four sections, i.e. Administration Office, No. 1 Supervision Section, No. 2 Supervision Section, No. 3 Supervision Section and No. 4 Supervision Section.

Contact Information:

Tel. 82568015

Fax. 82567952

Address: NO. 5 Courtyard, Wanliu Zhonglu, Haidian District, Beijing 100089

Email:bjepi@126.com, bjepi@12369.gov.cn

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