New York Home Insurance

Few people ask why they need New York home insurance. That’s because most understand the concept of risk. More frequently, they ask the kind of coverage they need and how much they must spend to get good coverage. The answer is “it depends.”

Where you live and home insurance

Living in an urban area like Manhattan means paying higher premiums from companies just for the risk it brings. At the same time, you can install security systems that will help mitigate that risk and reduce your premium.

But you have the opposite problem in a place like upstate New York. If you are living too far from fire protection, you may pay higher rates as well.

Weather is always an issue, with damaging ice storms and even hurricanes have been known to hit the area. It is wise to anticipate weather when determining coverage needs.

Perhaps you collect valuable stamps or coins. Maybe you have an extensive art collection or have furnished your place with antiques. If you are a high tech whiz you may have expensive electronics equipment you can’t afford to lose. In these cases you will probably have to pay for additional riders to your standard policy, as it will cap coverage below their value.

Don’t forget to buy enough liability insurance to protect you should someone get injured at your place.

Get discounts on home insurance

The idea is to get as many discounts as possible to lower your rate. The most common discount is for bundling your coverage. That means combining all of your different types of coverage including auto with the same insurer. It wants your business and will discount your premium to get it.

But perhaps you have been with the same carrier a long time. No worries; some carriers will give you a customer loyalty discount.

If you have been claim free, you will find discounts for that desirable status. Also, if you have put in new pipes or a new roof, you may find a deal on coverage. If you live in a gated community, you are going to be able to find carriers who will give you credit for that security.  Nonsmokers can still find credits, too.

Your carrier might help with improvements, too. Sometimes, you can get a credit to install a stronger roof or more wiring.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to keep coverage reasonable and still appropriate for your needs.

Ohio Home Insurance

Maybe you have been putting off the search for Ohio home insurance from someone like this because it seemed like a chore. Well, you are in the right place—we make your search a whole lot easier than you thought it would be and chances are, we’ll tell you about a discount or two you were unaware of.

Let’s start with discounts.

Kinds of discounts on home insurance

Be aware that insurance companies are concerned with the risk of you filing a claim. Lower risk means lower premium. So your job is to reduce the risk as much as possible so that your rate is more reasonable. It is easier than you think to find some discounts.

Security systems are obvious reasons to give a discount. That’s because they reduce risk. A monitored system might be more expensive than just installing your own camera monitor, but you will probably find a bigger discount on coverage for the more sophisticated system. That will pay off in the long term.

If you take all your coverage, including auto and life, and combine it,  you will find lots of discounts.  The more business from you the better, carriers think, and they want to give you incentive to put all your business with them.  Similarly, your old carrier may want to keep you. In that case you could qualify for a customer loyalty credit. Either way, you win.

If you do not smoke, you will find some insurers still provide a discount. If you are over 55, retired and living full-time in your home, you may qualify for a mature insured discount.  Water and gas sensors are easy to find at hardware stores and may help keep rates low.

Home improvements and home insurance

If you have renovated, you may find some discounts. New roofs don’t leak as much and the same is true with new plumbing. Make sure you update your policy any time you make a significant change.

Claim-free discounts, storm shutter discounts, hail-resistant roof discounts—you will be surprised at the number of ways you might be able to save. Some insurers offer discounts to members of their affinity groups. That might include certain employers, clubs, buying clubs and associations. It’s worth looking into.

And because carriers can vary widely in the pricing of the same coverage, it is wise to compare three or four so that you can be assured of getting the very best deal possible. The search is far easier than you might think.