Affordable Care Act and your Michigan Health Insurance

Once The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 it became the law that everyone must have Michigan health insurance. Also known as Obamacare, this health ordinance removed high cost insurance for those who had existing conditions. No longer could you be turned down for having diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Even though those conditions could turn into subsequent diseases, you will not be turned down for having them and you won’t pay more for having them either.

If you live in Michigan you must find health insurance either through your place of employment or from your spouse’s place of employment. If you have your own small business you must provide health insurance for your employees and if you are an independent contractor you must get your own health insurance. If you are unable to afford the health insurance coverage that you find from any of the major companies you may qualify to be subsidized through the Marketplace that can generate a quote for you on the main website from the state of Michigan.

You may want to speak with a Michigan health insurance representative to get the best advice. Especially to know what kind of insurance policy you may need. If you are a young male you can get by with the least amount of coverage. You will need basic co-pay insurance so you can visit your primary care physician on a regular basis. You should also opt for a prescription plan in case you become ill and need to purchase some medications.

If you are a young female you will need to have a Well Woman plan to fall back on. There are all types of routine tests you will need to have as well as birth control pills if you are not planning on getting pregnant right away. If you are then you will need to have a maternity plan that will cover an OBGYN plus set you on a family plane once you begin having children.
If you have any doctors who are already in the area make sure they are on your plan and if not try to find reputable doctors who are in the network as soon as you can. Find a local pharmacy that is on your plan that provides the cheapest rates. Each place charges differently for pharmaceuticals so shop around. You may want to find an independent Michigan health insurance agent to give you advice.